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My MIL literally showed me and my SO her vagina, AND PATTED IT!!!

Okay, you guys I’m sorry this is so long and the formatting is messed up, this is my first time writing on Reddit, but PLEASE strap on with ya girl through this rollercoaster of my SO’s family, I just need an ear to vent to for a while.
So I’m a 22yo Black American and my SO is a 27yo Nigerian who’s been in America for a going on 6 years now. We’ve been knowing each other maybe 4 years but we’ve only been together for 2, because I moved away for college to California (my home state) from Houston (my mom is a traveling nurse so I use to move around all the time as a kid.) But throughout this time, we always talked, even argued a bit but he was always “the one that got away” for me. So during this time we both got into shitty relationships that caused us to both look at ourselves, take accountability where it was needed and grow from the situation. Maybe 6 months after my relationship with my ex, my SO calls me and we get back talking and he flies my out to meet him, and the rest has been history. I left school on my third year and became a housewife for my SO (he’s a traveling wind turbine technician, so yeah I’m still everywhere.)
So here’s where shit gets real. So keep in mind how I told you he was Nigerian and I was Black American (apparently 2 different races) Yeah so, his mom met me for the first time, this lady was exceptionally nice, I felt like we even bonded over the fact that we freaking look alike. I mean if we were to go to outside of her house together people would just believe that she was my mom, not the other way around. So we meet this first time (this was like 2 years ago so strap in baby, I’m about to give you the full jist) and I personally believed things went great until maybe a few weeks after that, her and my SO have an argument and she tells him that I’m going to trap him into being a baby father because I’m an Akata (Akata = Africans slur towards black Americans) (SN: If this heifer would have even TRIED to get to know me she would know I don’t even want no damn kids, UGH) But she says all this and my SO takes up for me then hangs up on her, not even a week later this horrible retched human being calls and just acts like nothing happened. My SO was just like whatever cause at this point every time they would get on the phone they would argue so he didn’t want to feel like the person constantly bringing the static.
So we were paying their rent ($1890) while his mom was going to school to be a nurse, (she’s 64) under the stipulation that this would stop as soon as she got a job. So she got a job, told us we didn’t have to worry about paying the rent anymore, then called us 2 freaking days before their rent was do to tell us she couldn’t afford it. So we paid it again, and this went on for 5 months after. Until my SO just told her no more. After we paid her rent for the last time, we told her it was the last time and she would need to figure herself out. I mean she has a husband that doesn’t work, he takes her money and spends it on stocks and forex, he will win a little but the will loose everything EVERY FREAKING TIME and this lady still gives him her money.
Okay so the second time I went over was after being called a baby mama but before we stopped paying the rent, and I am just like it’s my SO family I’m going to try and show them me, and let them see who I am. But literally on our way to his house his older sister, who I hadn’t met before this, calls and tells him that we shouldn’t stay at his house because we’re not married. So we say whatever to that even though we were paying rent, and we bought a hotel. So once we get to Houston we go to the hotel and then his mom calls and asks where we are and my SO tells her we came to a hotel because of what his sister said. Then his mom tells his is sister doesn’t run nothing so come there, he tries to be like no it’s fine we’ll stay here to keep the peace, this lady literally breaks down crying so my SO is like okay okay we’ll go, so the next day we went, and went we fucking did. Literally as soon as we walked in and got the pleasantries over and then sit down to eat lunch, they began talking shit about this other family that moved from Nigeria to California but couldn’t stay there because it was too expensive and they had to move to Houston. They were saying things like the other family is stupid, they should be able to stay anywhere “I mean it’s America”, how could they not afford their rent (while me and my SO are paying their rent), things like that. So being from California myself I took it upon myself to take up for this other family and explain to his family that staying in California is ALOT different from staying in Houston, from gas prices to rent prices to even cleanliness, it’s a whole different space. So from me saying that his sister began to straight up argue with me about this, she was speaking over me, not letting me finish, everything I hate in an argument and the whole time I sat their and tried to get my point across as best I could without being the loud ghetto black girl, and I applaud myself for this because MY OWN FAMILY don’t even speak to me the way his family has. (I’m literally shaking as I’m writing this OMG I HATE THESE PEOPLE) His sister was saying things like, she can’t stay in a place in CALIFORNIA where people in her apartment building are sagging, she would go to the mid level worker, IN FUCKING CALIFORNIA, and figure out what they do to make it and she would still be there chugging on along. Even after I tried to explain to this girl over and over again that’s not how life works, especially not in California, she still didn’t get it, so my SO just calmed the situation and we went up to his room. After a couple of minutes I left outta his room to go to the restroom and this same bitch that I just met for the first time and got yelled at by over shit she didn’t even know about, who also told my SO that I shouldn’t go to their family house because we’re not married, she asks me if I’m comfortable there. In order to hold myself from cussing her the fuck out. I literally just look at her and kept walking to the bathroom. So on the same trip, one of his mother’s older friends came over (to get FOR FREE NOW my SO old fucked up car because she didn’t have one) and we were cleaning the kitchen because we had a little pressure cooker mishap, so my SO was doing something and this lady was talking to her sons in their language and then says Akata to her sons, I didn’t think anything of it I’m just like whatever she not be talking about me. But as she was leaving this lady gave me the deadliest look, so hard my SO was like okay bye now to get her attention off of me, cause I just smiled at her, (old bitter bitches can’t break my happiness.) So after they leave my SO is like WTF was that and I told him how I also heard her say Akata and he’s pretty pissed I didn’t say anything while she was there, but was like whatever I will tell my mom. We tell his mom, and she is just like, no I don’t believe she would do that, and just left it at that. Yeah so that was my last time going there for a long while.
During me not going my SO didn’t go either because this man would legit loose his head if I didn’t always keep it in purse. This is when we stopped paying the rent and the arguments started as well. (SN: We smoke marijuana and that’s a problem for his family as well (he smoked weed before we even met), his family LITERALLY have called us druggies on multiple occasions, while still asking us for money. What kind of druggies would you ask for money?) So yeah now I have caught up to year 20 fucking 20. During our hiatus from Houston, my SO was keeping in small contact with his family and I have always kept in contact with his little sister, she would call me and we would literally be on the phone for hours but that slowed up a lot and and so did his family from telling us their hardships, so in our minds everything was chill, they were learning we have our own minds and way of living and they were becoming okay with it. THE FUCKING LIES I THOUGHT. Nope the whole time they were just talking shit about us behind our backs and then come and ask us for shit. CRAY.
So my SO has stuff that we just left at her house because he is a traveling wind turbine technician and we literally just didn’t have anywhere to put them, he had another car in her garage and we had like clothes and just things from other apartments and places we’ve been and we just couldn’t keep taking it around with us. So his mom said something about them moving houses and us having to come and get our stuff. Totally fine so we make plans and literally the next weekend we’re there grabbing our stuff. When we get there his mom then tells him there not gonna move so he can keep stuff there, so we’re like whatever because we were already having problems with the storages, so we just took his little sister driving and then I went shopping while they stayed back in the hotel to play VR and talk. I wasn’t there for this talk but from what my SO told me, his little sister was mad about the way he speaks to his mom, she was telling him her health is bad so he shouldn’t be yelling at her and all of this other stuff and he replied with something to the effect of if she’s doing fucked up things in front of y’all, why is no one else yelling. (I haven’t said what they have been arguing about because it’s a lot of different BS but it always has something to do with his mom chasing money and forgetting logic.) But they have a whole conversation about it or whatever and he tells me that his little sister was agreeing with what he was saying and everything.
But the next day when we went to his house to grab our stuff, we realize it’s the complete opposite. I didn’t go in with him first off because I went shopping the day before and I had HELLA bags and shit the back of our truck so I had to move stuff around and make it neat so we could add the stuff from the house. During this time, unbeknownst to me, his little sister and mom are in the back arguing to my SO about who? ME! Saying things like I’m low class, dirty, I didn’t know how to pronounce the name of my university (?????), and that I have no ambition because I don’t have a job. They also talk about us smoking weed and then his little sister (16f) asked my SO what are your 10 year goals. Like WHAT?!?!?!? So after I finish moving all of this stuff I go into the house and the “daddy” then tells me to go to the back room cause that’s where everyone is. I had no idea what was going on and as soon as I walked inside of the room everyone stopped and looked at me. I could tell me SO was pissed but I thought their conversation was about what him and his little sister were talking about the night prior. So when I walk in his mom begins saying her greeting and then complimenting me on my clothes and I then told her how I sewed them myself because I learned how to sew recently, (this whole no ambition thing really fucks me up because I literally know so many skills, I don’t have to pay anyone to do anything for me, from my hair to my fucking acrylics to building furniture, it’s really fucking asinine to me.) So after all of the pleasantries are done, my SO begins helping his dad move stuff around and his mom begins to talk to me about smoking weed. At this point, I was still on the let me respect this old bitch level not knowing what was said about me seconds before. So I let her go on and on, with just a few things where I was like wait but that’s not right and then she would then go on and on on how it was right, when all of her explanations were stupid, and to just keep the peace I just kept saying yes ma’am, okay, all of that. When I say dumb shit I mean dumb shit she was telling me how we shouldn’t be eating out all of the time, when the only time we eat out is when we’re in Houston because knowing that I’m vegetarian they still cook everything with meat so I have to go buy food,which is fine, but don’t then hold it against me you insane crazy crazy bitch. She was even talking shit about my SO about how he is like the bad child, when his brother literally smokes weed too but he’s just too much of a pussy to say anything. So finally we leave, and then my SO tells me about all of this, it’s a 7 hour drive back to where he is stationed and the WHOLE drive I was yelling, I literally lost my voice.
So at this point, I am just like fuck it, I need to state my peace. Again I will tell y’all MY OWN FAMILY knows better!!! I can’t allow somebody else’s family to treat me nor my man no type of way. Not at all. So two weeks later (literally last weekend) we go back to Houston once and for all to get all of our shit, move his car and cuss them the fuck out. So when we get to his house we just get busy getting out shit cause him mom wasn’t getting off work until the next day.
So we get the stuff and come back the next day and here is again where shit gets the mostest realest OMG!!!! OMG!!! So we get there right before they’re leaving for church, give them little pleasantries or whatever and then we get down to business, my SO started then tossed the mic to me, so I begin VERY VERY calm and started to tell her how my SO told me what they have been saying and I don’t believe it’s right for them to just make assumptions about me without knowing me. This insane crazy bitch, tells me she doesn’t care about me because I’m not her child or her concern. And I say well why have you been talking about me. This woman says she doesn’t remember saying anything and for ME to tell her what she has said. So I was like well for starters you said I was going to make my SO into a baby father. She says, I don’t remember that, and after both my SO and I say YES YOU DID. She says Well it’s true.... (WTFFFFFFF I DONT HAVE CHILDREN I SWEAR I DO NOT HAVE A CHIL) At this point all calm is out, I’m yelling BITCH I DONT HAVE NO KIDS CRAZY, and I also begin walking toward her, now I’m not gonna hit this old ass bitch I just wanna yell in her face a little. And she starts saying oh are you gonna hit me and all of this and by this time I feel like I blacked out because I honestly have no idea what I was saying but I know I called her an old dumb bitch multiple times. But my SO comes in as I’m walking up to her and calms me down so I shut my lips and just let him go in. She was talking shit about me not having a job, he started talking about her husband, his dad, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, calling him a deadbeat because he doesn’t have a job and literally doesn’t do shit and he wastes her money while I save my SO money. His dad literally didn’t do shit. His mom said she was gonna call the police my SO said he will call immigration (his daddy have literally been in this country illegally for over 10 years and she mad that we smoking weed, the fucking nerve.) So through all of my SO yelling and stuff we moved locations into the entryway and she’s telling us to get out but my SO is getting out everything that he’s been feeling. In the fucking mist of them arguing, she’s yelling as well, she begins to pull down her fucking panties (I am just a bystander at this point and I’m listening to the argument and once the panties began coming off, I swear to GOD it was was like a fucking car crash, I couldn’t look away. My brain was trying it’s fucking damnedest to make sense out of fucking nonsense.) This woman strips out of her fucking panties, lays flat backed on the fucking ground and spread fucking eagle shows me and my SO her puss. She literally starts smacking her puss while yelling to my SO that he came out of there. YAAAALLLLLL!!!! In all of this my SO is still yelling, he just turns his head to the side to where he can’t see her and just keeps going. After about 5 more minutes of her standing up then laying back down to show puss, I just told my SO let’s go and we walked out, with her yelling at ME, not to come back to her house. The next day his sister calls him and says their mom said he took me over their house to fight her, she even tells his sister that she showed us her puss, and his sister calls him asks him what happened and he starts telling her and she says well you are a druggie, nothing about the old bitch pussy popping for her son and his girlfriend. He hangs up in her face once she made the druggie comment cause honestly you’re insane if you’re mad at your brother for smoking a little weed but not your mom for popping pussy.
These are just tips of the iceberg moments, not even everything I have went through in these SMALL 2 years. I don’t know how to finish this up other than, just pray for me and my SO.
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I[23F] am concerned that my [27M] boyfriend of 8 years has a video game addiction

I've been with my boyfriend since I was 15 years old, we met online through a video game and fell in love, met in person a year later and have been inseparable ever since. We have a freakishly good relationship most of the time - we are 100% open and honest with each other, have no secrets, are very physically and verbally affectionate and even after 8 years everyone who meets us assumes we're a 'new couple' because we're always cuddling and holding hands in public.
But the entirety of our relationship there has been one single huge point of contention between us: video games. I myself have always been a huge gamer, I've played them (a lot of them!) since I was young and continue to play to this day. I met my boyfriend while I was playing one and I've introduced him to lots of games over the years (which I've come to regret).
At first I was happy to be in a relationship with a fellow gamer, because it's an extra bonding experience you can share. We have tried lots of games together and often have fun.
But video games have always been a 'vice' for me - something I do to have fun, but also something I don't consider a 'good use of time'. I often feel guilty for playing a video game for more than a few hours or more than a few days in a row.
Conversely, my boyfriend LOVES video games and they are his only hobby. He would play them from the moment he woke up to the moment he went to sleep if he could (as in, if I weren't around).
I'm a writer and an artist and interested in all kinds of things in life. I'm big on spiritual growth and reflecting on life and trying to make the world a better place. I get very uncomfortable when people (including myself) spend a lot of time doing things like watching TV and playing games and don't balance that out with a more productive hobby as well, so it's been an issue between us.
For the last eight years, my boyfriend has been playing video games almost every day, for hours. For 6 and a half of those years he didn't have a 'normal' job, and for 4 of those years his job was playing video games professionally (he made money from winning game tournaments and sponsorships). He has no other hobbies at all. Except 'me'. That's what he has always told me. That I'm his 'main hobby'. I always told him that I was a person, not a hobby, and it shouldn't count, and that I had my own varied hobbies and he should have his, but it is what it is.
We have had so, so many fights over the years about him playing too many video games and not balancing it out with doing anything 'productive' (I consider productive things skills or talents that you, through time and work, improve at and carry with you through life, or things that make the world a better place). For over two years he had no job, no car and lived at my parent's house with me, playing video games all day every day. We got into lots of fights and nearly broke up. I gave him an ultimatum: "if you can't go without playing a game for an entire week, we're breaking up."
I really didn't think he could do it. And I'm sad for myself, and for him, that the idea of him not playing one game for a week would seem so outlandish and impossible.
He did do it, though, and for a while I was happy. I was so proud of him! A whole week without games! He dabbled in the Forex market and seemed like a whole new person. Without video games taking up all of his considerable intellect and attention, he was looking into other things to do with his time. Things that could have an effect in a positive way on his life, and even on mine.
Of course, it didn't last. A few weeks later he was back to gaming regularly, but I couldn't 'say anything', because he had done what I asked.
Skip forward a year. He got a job, a 'normal job', for the first time since I'd known him. I thought this would solve all our problems. For the first time he'd be 'doing something productive'! He could play all the video games he liked, because his days were spent being productive. Our agreement was that he would work (I had been working the previous six months) and I would be a housewife of sorts, so that I could be at home and focus on writing my novel.
It's been over a year now and things have disintegrated a bit. He was working full-time but recently cut back on his hours. He told me that he was doing it so that he could spend more time with me. Sure, money would be tight - really tight - but it would be worth it because we would get to spend time together.
But when he wakes up, he wants to play video games. If I tell him no, I want to hang out, he makes me feel like a bad guy. If I don't have any 'good ideas' for what we should do that moment, he tells me he doesn't want to wait around for me to think and starts playing a game (these games often take up to 50 minutes, which means I have to wait for an hour before I'm allowed to speak to him again - because I get yelled at if I try to talk to him while he's playing).
It's so hard to explain to you guys what my life is like right now. I love him and love spending time with him, with his attention on me. But when he wakes up, he wants to play games, not spend time with me. Often I can convince him to go the park or something with me (I love being outdoors and he doesn't) but it literally takes convincing. I feel like I have to write a speech on all the reasons he should hang out with me instead of play the game he plays every day for hours.
And then when he spends a precious three hours of his day off going out with me, he acts as if he 'put in his time' with me and wants to play games the rest of the time. If we're awake 16 hours a day, and you subtract 3 from the time we go out and 3 from the other hours I begged attention from him, that means he thinks that spending, let's say, 10 hours a day playing games is an acceptable girlfriend-hobby balance.
He is at work 8 hours a day 3-4 days a week and on those days he still plays hours and hours of games, so yes, I do enjoy spending time with him when I can. He doesn't seem to understand.
The past week I've been trying to communicate openly with him that I feel I have to compete with video games for his attention, and that I feel like I'm being a disruption by asking him to get off his computer and spend time with me. I've told him that every day but he always ignores me or starts yelling at me about some unrelated thing. I told him that we can talk about the things I do that bother him as well, but I'd like to discuss the subject I brought up first so that we can come up with a solution, but he won't have it.
Today I broke down into tears trying to tell him how I felt. I very rarely cry so it was a pretty big deal. He had to know how much this issue was effecting me when I was sitting there on the floor bawling my eyes out and trying to explain how hurt and worthless I feel that I have to fight a video game for my boyfriend's attention.
He literally didn't say a word to me. He ignored me, a foot away, while I sobbed loudly, just browsing his computer, and then when it was time for him to go to work he left without even saying goodbye. I bared every vulnerable feeling I had to him, which is difficult for me to do, something he knows, and he couldn't respect me enough to say a thing.
He works nightshift and gets home around midnight. I stay up til 1 or 2 and then go to bed, at which point he gets on his game and plays until 5-6am. This means he wakes up late, 12pm-1pm, and since he works at 5pm and he doesn't like to 'do things' right after he wakes up, we rarely get to do anything that takes less than an hour or two. I always feel rushed. It affects the way we live our lives.
I've been grappling with this video game issue for years. But he's never been so cold to me before. Recently we've been trying to have a baby and this whole thing has terrified me.
There's so many things I haven't said that I feel are relevant to the issue, but I've gone on so long, too long. I'm sorry. I just have no one I'm comfortable talking to about this issue and I feel so desperate. I know he would never admit he has a video game addiction but is it possible? I know he loves me more than any person in the world but he still persists with spending most of his time gaming, no matter how badly it hurts me. He won't speak of playing less.
I don't know what to do. I'm scared. I'm more than willing to admit I have my own problems, and I'm happy to try to address things on my end, but I just don't know how to start.
my boyfriend has always played way too many video games, even from my perspective as a 'hardcore gamer', and lately i feel that my presence is an inconvenience to his game playing and that he resents me for it. i think he has an addiction because he won't admit there is a problem and it is negatively affecting our lives and my emotional well-being. please help me make our lives better for both of us.
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